Accountant in Milton Keynes. We are not just accountants - we help your business with ideas.



With all the statutory deadlines facing us, Milton Keynes business owners can be forgiven for feeling hounded by HMRC and the government. It’s lucky, therefore, that Holmes Accountancy can keep you up to date - and call off the dogs.


Mention the word “accounts” to some business owners and they blanch. That’s why, here at Holmes Accountancy, we work with you as partners to take the grind out of your financial and tax paperwork.

What’s more, we don’t get under your feet.

We know how important it is that you’re free to get on with what you’re good at, so we make sure any disruption to that process is kept to an absolute minimum.

Your accounts and tax returns are prepared efficiently – whether from our own software, where we keep your books, or from your own accounting system. We give you standard reporting tools which help you collect your business data. (And that also keeps down the cost of handling your annual accounts.)

Then, we quietly ensure those accounts and tax returns get submitted promptly, so you don’t incur the wrath of HMRC.

That means you avoid any danger of running up fines for late returns … and HMRC are increasing these every year.

Over the last 30 years we have established great accounting relationships with many businesses in Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas. We don’t just know a lot about accountancy; we also know a lot about the business landscape of Milton Keynes. That gives us an extra way to help your business, especially if you’re just starting up.

And because we are a small business ourselves, we understand that budgets are not bottomless pits. Our charges are reasonable at all times.

Call Susan or Mike on 01908 315 716 or email us at … and let’s arrange a free, no-obligation discussion so you can see how Holmes Accountancy will truly leave you free to do what you’re good at.