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March Year Ends – Watch Out!

Ten Facts You Might Not Know About Stamp Duty

For those of you who have limited companies with accounts made up to 31st March, beware that the filing deadline is looming!

If your company has a year-end of 31stMarch 2016, then your accounts are due to be received by Companies House by 31st December 2016!

You will also be liable to pay any corporation tax due for that period by 1stJanuary 2017 (not to be confused with the filing deadline for the corporation tax return, which is 31st March 2017).

We know - it’s backwards! 

If your accounts have not yet been prepared or submitted, you need to act fast.  As many accountants and business advisors are likely to be closing for some time over the Christmas period, that only leaves around 5 weeks to meet that deadline, so please contact them as soon as possible!