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No more Annual Returns for Companies House

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Clients who previously had to file an Annual Return with Companies House will be thrilled to know that this has now been changed and from June 30th, 2016 instead you will be filing the rather more gently entitled “Confirmation Statement.”

This document exists to confirm that the information Companies House holds about your company is correct and up to date.

A once a year check to make sure the details haven’t changed

Once a year – or more, if there have been changes – you’ll need to check the information Companies House has about your business – including your registered office, directors, shareholders and other key data. Then you’ll need to either confirm everything is OK or if not, specify changes by filling in the appropriate forms.

Needless to say, there is a fee to be paid and that happens every year. However, if your company information changes during the following 12 months, you can make further confirmation statements to update the company’s record.

Only one fee, with as many updates as you want

You will be able to make as many confirmation statements as you wish during the year, but will still only incur one annual fee.

Companies that don’t complete an annual confirmation statement may be subject to penalties, so be warned. Of course, we will help Holmes Accountancy clients to ensure the your “Confirmation Statement” is filed correctly, that you pay the correct fee, and that your information is filed in plenty of time.

To find out more, please visit the Companies House website

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